Best Places to Shoot in Howard County

When it comes to portrait-shooting, I enjoy discovering new locations and most always agree to the client's preference. I've gone as far as Lerida, Spain, for client photo shoots. I also maintain a full portrait studio at my Howard County location.


With the above in mind, I have listed my favorite Howard County spots for not only portraits, but also for fun landscape and street-scape photos. However, whichever location makes the client feel most comfortable and allows his/her natural character and personality to shine, I'm game for.


Ellicott City, Main Street

This Old Railroad town's main thoroughfare has numerous classic buildings, shops, and landmarks, most of which would be a perfect backdrop for a small-town urban feel. There are also many tiny alleyways and interesting outdoor displays.

Centennial Park

The central county park, off Rt.108, offers a large lake with beautiful vistas as well as some protected nature preserve areas. There are numerous wide-open areas that offer pleasant-looking backdrops for any pictures. Furthermore, there is a boat-rental area with parked canoes and colorful kayaks. Kids, especially, love this park.

Font Hill Wetlands Park

This is an elegant small park that includes a pond, in which native herons and egrets are frequently found. The water is surrounded by tall reeds, through which winding paths meander.

The Path through the Woods in Dorsey Search Village

There are about 80 miles of paths in Howard County, and so there are an almost infinite number of great backdrops for photos. However, this 1/2 mile particular stretch (just off Columbia Road west of Dorsey Hall Rd.) is one of my favorites. There are several foot-bridges that cross streams in this heavily wooded area. Nearby one of the bridges is a huge rock that kids love to play on and jump from.

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